Dedication driven by the thought of being the best choice for our clients”

The supply of raw materials to our customers is based on the premise that the products truthfully comply with the specifications mentioned in the contracts and with the controls of the relevant governmental authorities at the origin and destination.

To ensure the compliance, KABSA takes the necessary precautions from the moment of production until the delivery of the product at the customer’s warehouse.

KABSA’s philosophy involves knowing the particular situation of each producer in situ. We therefore undertake visits to all manufacturing plants, as well as imply qualification tests of the products prior to the development of any business relation. This enables us to rule out products that do not meet our customer quality guidelines.

Thus we are able to ensure that the products maintain their physical and nutritional status during transport, storage and dispatch to our clients.

KABSA is committed to preserving the environment and therefore is on the constant look-out for suppliers with a similar commitment. Our business is based on a triad of products:

•Avian Protein
•Marine Protein
•Vegetable Protein

In the avian line and from the environmental perspective, KABSA has the privilege of being supplied by reputable European and American companies that fully comply with the strict and demanding environmental regulations of each country. This includes the collection of discards at the slaughterhouses, as well as their production and gaseous, liquid and solid emissions.

In the marine realm, KABSA is focused on the supply of fish meal and oil made from discards of filleting or canning plants, which are subject to fishing regulations and quotas at the countries of origin. Additionally the factories that operate with pelagic fishing are also subject to strong regulations in order to preserve the integrity of this resource over time.

The agricultural products are 100% renewable and subject to the laws of every country.