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In the month of June of this year has been achieved Kabsa CERTIFICATION of  Quality Management System QMS, is important to note that the success of this project is due to the continued support of all members of Kabsa. Because without the support of each of them could not see achieved this goal.
The scope of this certification covers: “Import, Export and national marketing materials for the food industry Aquaculture and Livestock with an integrated approach to Quality, Logistics and Biosafety”.
Now it is continuing with the QMS to be built and not believe that the work resulted in the certification, rather we must remember that the work has just begun ….
It can be noted that the benefits of ISO certification, associated to the point of view external to the company, may be mentioned the following:
• Improved corporate image, adding to the prestige from the organization’s current consideration provided to show that customer satisfaction is the main concern of the company.
• Building confidence among current and potential customers, according to the ability of the company to provide products consistently and / or services agreed.
Undoubtedly, these benefits mentioned are of enormous importance, but to analyze the implementation of a QMS from the point of view within the company, there are other possible benefits not only the existence of the former, but also allow support them in time, favoring the growth and proper development of the organization.
• Improved internal organization, achieved through better communication, responsibilities and objectives, including many of the benefits, the important thing no doubt be able to evolve and have a look to improve processes continuously.
This certification lasts 3 years, during which we visited and audited by Bureau Veritas, certified firm, who has given us the ISO.
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