Experience through a team of professionals in fish and land animal nutrition”

The challenge for companies involved in fish nutrition is to provide farmers with feeding products at competitive and sustainable price levels, enabling them to adequately produce and serve the growing markets for human consumption.

To accomplish this goal we must overcome a structural difficulty threatening our industry, which is the limited growth or even production decrease of Fishmeal, our primary raw material for fish feed production.

KABSA is a company with a strong entrepreneurial orientation.
This means that during our daily work with our clients, suppliers and partners, we consciously are pursuing a policy of "keeping our eyes and ears open", searching to create and participate in new businesses, constantly trying to generate additional value for our customers.

Hence, we have defined the foundation of our motivation to be strong teamwork in order to serve our customers with innovative, as well as newly and better developed raw material solutions as an alternative and complement to the current ones, providing new options for formulators, thus reducing the impact and dependence of limited raw materials.

This constant search for new solutions provides us with the opportunity to promote the conversion of relatively low cost raw materials, to high value products, which adequately contribute to the nutritional needs of fish and animals.