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What is Fish Meal?

Fish meal is a high quality protein concentrate and an excellent provider of amino acids. It is obtained through the processing (cooking, pressing, drying and grinding) of different fish species, which are generally captured by industrial and artisanal fishing boats at sea.
Additionally to marine fish meal another source are by-products derived from aqua farms (fresh or salty water) and their processing plants.

Nowadays, due to a constant decrease in global production, the disposability of fish meal is very limited, significantly increasing the prices.

What is Histamine?

Histamine is a biogenetic amine, produced of the denaturation process of proteins from dead fish. Measuring the histamine content together with other biogenetic amines (eg. Cadaverine and Putrescine), enables us to identify the freshness of the fish at time of processing. For its consistency, histamine is one of the freshness parameters used to define the quality of the fish meal.
For example: The fish meal Super Prime must have a histamine level of 500 ppm or less in order to be branded as such.

What are Salmonellae and why are they dangerous?

Salmonellae are rod-shaped gram-negative enterobacteria, which as a zoonosis (infectious disease transmitted from animal to human) is transmitted through contaminated nutrition and as such of high interest to public health. Salmonellae in the human body causes typhoid fever and in animals gastrointestinal problems. The bacteria is present wherever you find living organism. Like the E. coli, the presence of Salmonellae in nutrition indicates the absence of sanitary handling measurements.

What is Poultry Meal?

Poultry meal is a protein concentrate obtained from by-products (heads, cervices, intestines, pads, and carcasses) of the processing of poultry for human consumption. The poultry is only processed in authorized slaughterhouses.
Poultry meal is used in diets for productive livestock’s (salmon) and in pet food.

What is Feather Meal?

Feather meal is a highly digestible protein concentrate derived from processed poultry feathers for human consumption. The poultry is only processed in authorized slaughterhouses. During the process the feathers are hydrolyzed to make the protein accessible and to guarantee their good digestibility. For its high protein content and its great digestible value, feather meal is widely used in salmon and shrimp diets, as well as a by-pass protein for ruminants.

What are Vegetable Proteins?

Vegetable Proteins are derived from plants and crops, generally soy, sunflower, corn, grain, peanuts, lupines and others. Their main advantages are their competitive prices in relation to marine and animal proteins, their great availability and their absence of strange odors and savors. These proteins are comprehensively used in human and animal nutrition.

Where do KABSA´s vegetable proteins come from?

Our products have their origin in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. Every single one of our suppliers, in each country, was visited by our technicians to ensure the quality of the production processes. Generally our global character allows us to provide our customers with products from all around the world, supplying whatever they require.

What are the technical and nutritional characteristics of KABSA´s products?

For whatever information our clients require, KABSA disposes technical sheets and our specialists provide additional information about every single product we offer. For more detailed information about our products, please contact our technical or commercial team.

What are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are toxins produced by funguses which pollute grains and their derivatives. These toxins are generally poisonous for animals. The main mycotoxins are Aflatoxins (B1; B2; G1; G2), Deoxynivaleno also known as Vomitoxin, T-2, Fumonisin, Zearalenone, Ochratoxin and Patulin.

What are Energizers?

Energizers are mainly vegetable, fish and land-animal fats and oils. They are used in animal diets as an energy supplier.

What is Lecithin?

Soy Lecithin is a derivative of the soy oil production. It is a complex of Phospholipids, Glycolipids, Carbohydrates and Triglycerides which are used as surfactant and emulsifier.

What are Dioxins?

Dioxins are highly toxic chlorous, inodorous and colorless compositions which possess mutagenic attributes in humans and animals. PCDD (Polychlorinated dibenzodioxin), PCDF (Polychlorinated dibenzofuran) and (Polychlorinated biphenyl) are considered as analogs to dioxins and have similar characteristics.

How is the protein value of an ingredient calculated?

The protein value is indirectly calculated using the nitrogen content of a product. This content is determined through physical and chemical methods. The analysis assumes that all the nitrogen in an ingredient corresponds to proteins, and is then multiplied by a factor (generally 6,25) resulting in a value which indicates the crude protein content. Even though the results do not always indicate the exact value, they are very close to the real factor.

How are product prices calculated?

The majority of our ingredients for aliments are traded as commodities at stock-markets. This excludes some of our products, such as fish meal and others. The most important markets for our commodities are the Chicago stock-market (CBOT) in the US and the stock-market Rosario in Argentina. Based on commodity prices indicated at stock-markets we calculate the selling prices of our products.

In which currency does KABSA operate?

Depending in which market a product is traded, KABSA does business in US Dollar, Euros and Chilean Pesos.

What weight unit do you use?

We trade all of our products in Metric Tons (MT), where 1 MT equals 1000 kilogram.

What payment methods does KABSA accept?

Which payment method applies depends on the commercial relationship between our clients or suppliers and us. Generally we use the following payment methods: prepaid, demand and irrevocable letters of credit, documentary transfers, direct transfers and others.